Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Fish Whisperer

A Message from Willow!

Memorial Weekend

We had to take a trip to the Mackinaw Trading Company to scope out all the new rustic furniture!
Monday was cool and foggy (like two years ago). Here the Bridge disappears into nothing. Who would pay a toll to drive into the mysterious beyond?!
This is now going to be known as Bear's famous face! I have at least 6 different photos of this face and it was his first weekend of the summer in Mackinaw! This year's photo book is going to be fun and I can't wait to use the pictures as blackmail photos someday, say when Bear graduates or gets married!

This was taken from in front of the house. I love it when the Bridge disappears into the fog and you can hear the loud fog horn blowing!

Memorial Weekend

I took over 200 pictures, and this is the ONLY one that can prove that I was actually in Mackinaw for the weekend! Just to make all of the out of town Nelson's and Shaw's jealous, this was taken at breakfast at Cunninghams!
John and Kevin re-create a pose of Cheryl taking her senior pictures.
Doesn't the paintint on the wall at Mackinaw Outfitters look real!
Willow loved the fish tank. I remember last summer when Kadence didn't want to leave this area of the store!
Once again (see our April trip to Mackinaw blog post) Taylor can't survive a day in Mackinaw without at least one chocolate ice cream cone from Devon's Fudge Shop.

Memorial Weekend

Walker and Willow out for a stroll!
Bear's first attempt at the rock wall this year. He came in with a strategy and now he just has to keep working through it until he makes it to the top! It WILL DEFINITELY happen this summer!
The Nelson clan (plus two Priests) coming out of the Crossings to catch the end of the parade.
There's a new Irish Pub next to the Dixie Saloon and the Bakery, so we had to give it a try. I loved the shrimp and corn chowder.
Dad and Kevin went fishing and both caught nice Northern Pike. We cooked them up for dinner and then headed out to see Indiana Jones.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Nelson's Come to Town

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More from the visit

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Catnip Garden

So I decided to plant some catnip by seed in the greenhouse as a treat for Jazz (the cat). This morning, I transplanted the catnip outside into a mini garden for her to roll around in. Before I ever got it out of the tray, she was licking it, chewing it, and rubbing her head on it. Once it was in the garden, she had a hay day! This is one happy cat!
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Who is the Whitest?

So, I think that it's time for me to try a poll (if I can get it to work)! Here is the photo of white legs, you tell me who is the whitest!!! From left to right, Danielle, John, Cheryl (both chubby legs together), Chris (who doesn't count since she lives at a pool in Florida all winter), and Burt.

Family Likeness

I just got these pictures from my sister-in-law Amy. Take a look at the 3 adorable kids in the top picture. Jack is the dude of almost 4 years old with the great hair. He's also the baby in the blue bib (2nd picture). Notice that Alex (the baby in the stripes) looks like his identical twin. Good thing these kids look like you Amy! (Sorry Kirk!)

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Wii plays your videos backwards!

Walker and Taylor have been playing with the Wii and their camera memory cards and have discovered that the Wii will play your videos backwards. Needless to say, they've had some fun with this!

Getting Ready for Thailand

I'm getting ready to go on a trip to Thailand this July with a group of Michigan teens from the Assemblies of God. At our last meeting there was a little "drama" practice (do you think they look like trees?), and a spit wad fight between a father and two sons! We also ate Thai food for lunch which was yum!

Walker's Duet with Nathan

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Camera Avoidance

She's getting pretty good at avoiding the camera, but I can still win!
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The Other End

You've seen the other end of my brother John, but here's what he looked like right after he found out about my most recent blog about him.
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A Rare Shot

After Walker's concert, the music teacher grabbed Taylor and asked her to take a picture with Walker. This is NOT something that she is willing to do for me, but she couldn't tell her old music teacher no!
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Walker's Music Concert

Tonight, Walker sang in "The Music Factory" concert at school. It was quite colorful and of course he was the color red. He definately has a stage presence and was not nervous about showing off! He also had a solo in the song "One Small Voice." Watch out Derick, he takes after the Brumleys! Maybe he can get me those front row tickets that I've been waiting my whole life for.
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