Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Auntie" Glasses

For those of you who didn't get the cell phone photo, here is a shot of Taylor in her new "Auntie" glasses. She rarely wears them because she also got contacts, but I forced her to let me take this shot.

Before Pictures

Me again! I missed you all, but life has been busy and I haven't replaced my camera after dumping water over it in Thailand. Anyway, I took a few cell phone photos of my house this morning before I left for work. As you remember from old photos, we have been under construction in almost every room in our house (but the bedrooms and bathrooms) for over a year. Well last week, we lived through a TON of drywall dust, but finally got everything drywalled, mudded, sanded and primed (I am now on antibiodic for a sinus infection and cough syrup with codine by the way)! Yesterday the weather forcast announced rain, which means that the painters were able to move us ahead of their outside painting jobs. I am hoping that when I get home tonight, I will be able to post "after" photos of newly painted walls. Here are a few terrible shots of the primed walls (they primed in gray to prepare for my darker colored paint). The living room and kitchen will be a spice color (burnt orange), the hallway and stairwell will be a brown color, and the new game room (no before photos today) will be a steely purple color.
The north end of the living room (we also ripped the molding out so that it could be replaced with a lighter color)

The south end of the living room and kitchen. The cedar beam that goes over the fireplace is waiting patiently out in the garage, but is ready to be hung.

The hallway going up the stairs.

After the painting is done, then comes the new carpet. We are definately wiping out our savings on this one!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I want to tell you a story about a young girl (I believe that she was in 4th grade at the time) who was on a road trip to Florida. At one point in the trip, she was forced to use one of those scary gas station restrooms, where you have to go throught the "Employees Only" door, treck across a storage room to the small dingy bathroom at the back. Now this girl hadn't yet reached the independence she achieved later in life, and so she had her big sister go along with her (which right now is going to prove to be a mistake). Not wanting to catch any germs from the toilet seat, this girl squatted over the toilet and dropped a log right on the back of the seat. She then immediately proceeded to gag and dry heave, and ran out of the bathroom refusing to do anything about her droppings. Now this little girl obviously did not have the same reaction as her mother, but I guess that there are some things that you can never change!
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Juneau is Here!

Here is the newest Nelson, born within the last 10 minutes. All I know is his first and last name, but I'm already a proud Aunt CeCe. I can definately say that I believe he has Willow's mouth. Look at that!
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Labor Day in Mackinaw

These posts are terribly out of order, but that's what happens when you're trying to catch up on a month's worth of posts at the same time that your sister-in-law is giving birth to the next Nelson! So, have fun jumping between stories! We again spent our Labor Day holiday in Mackinaw and walked the big bridge. My friend Jenny Mankel (Myers) from high school joined us with her four children Keenen (I can't spell it right), Kortney, Kyleigh and Kameron. We had a great weekend eating out, playing in the water and on the boat, picnicing in the tree fort (this was the kids) and walking the bridge. All 6 kids (mine included) walked the 5 mile bridge along with Jenny and I!

For a couple of minutes, Tay found another 7th grader from Shepherd Middle School, and they walked side-by-side comparing their upcoming class schedules for the 1st day of school (the next day).

Please look carefully at Kyleigh's arm (she's the one holding hands with Tay). This is my kind of girl! She carried her purse with her everywhere, including on this 5 mile hike.

Poor Jenny gets the most credit for the walk. She had one kid or another on her shoulders for more than 1/2 of the way. I guess all of that firefighter training is starting to pay off.

We all made it safe and sound to the finish line!
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Susu, you would be so proud! The kids went back to the old method of catching crawfish by using a hot dog on a stick and wading into the water to catch them with their hands. After everyone went to bed, they finally called it quits and had me boil them up. Taylor, Keenan (I know I'm spelling it wrong) and Walker took turns getting them out of the pan, took a mini lesson on peeling off the tail shells (sorry Kirk & Derick, but they wouldn't suck the brains), and they each ate at least one!

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During our two hour boat ride, we saw three barges up close!

Jenny and the kids

It was finally dry and warm enough to have a summer fire down in the beach fire pit.

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We're Having a Baby Today

Well, ok it's really John and Danielle, but I consider all of these neices and nephews mine in some sense!

Danielle was scheduled to be induced this morning (Sunday). When I saw her yesterday she compared a scheduled inducement to knowing that you were about to give yourself a paper cut! She looks pretty happy here, but this was before they hooked up the pain causing drugs!

Meanwhile, Bear played in his first flag football game this afternoon. My mom, dad, Tay & Walk got there to catch the end of the game. My dad said that Bear's team came in 2nd and the other team came in next to last.

Things look like they are definately progressing!
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