Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tahquamenon Falls

Ok, it looks like the order of the pictures is backwards, so this is where we ended the day. This brew/pub was located INSIDE the state park at the upper falls. Pretty sweet! Charlie was tired and finally decided that the table would make an OK pillow!

Taylor and the two girls (we missed you Amya!). Kadence found more dogs and asked if she could pet them. There were times when Kadence fed Susu food and all Susu could smell was dog on her hands!

A rare family picture.

We couldn't keep the boys (ALL of the boys) out of the river.

Lower falls.

Castle Rock

One the day that we decided to go to Tahquamenon Falls, we made ourselves leave the house at 9:30 am. Without a deadline, it may have taken us all day just to get ready to leave. We were in our cars and leaving the driveway by 9:34. Then we stopped in St. Ignace for Breakfast and a climb up Castle Rock (it only costs .50). Aunt CeCe sacrificed the climb up the 171+ stairs to stay at the bottom to watch the babies. Man were they on the move! They had me running in circles the whole time the climbers were on their trek! By the time we left Castle Rock, it was already noon! Our early start ended up being a late start!

From the Front Yard

Ok...we actually took this from the front yard of the house next door for a little change in scenery and a little more sunshine. Before taking the picture, I took the Shaw Family t-shirts and put them on stuffed animals to include in the photo. Then when we lined up for the photo, I forgot to include them!

Meema with Taylor and Walker

Meema with Kadence and Charlie

Meema with Bear, Willow and Juneau

The John Nelson's

Mom and Dad

The Bryce Nelson's

Meema's pics looked so good that I had to include 2 of them. She is standing in both, and
she's 97!

Mackinac Island

Willow and Juneau conked out several times during their bike ride.

Just like the Nelson's on one of their many trips across the country, we stopped our bike ride for Bear and Walker to climb this rock.

I won't tell you the song I hum every time I look at this picture, but does "Wizard of Oz" remind you of anything?

Too bad these two weren't here guarding the Island when the French landed!

A stop 1/2 way around for slushies, malts, candy, etc.! What a great way to not make any caloric depletions in the body by riding around Mackinac Island.

Mill Creek Adventure Park

From the top of the rock wall (I actually climbed stairs, not the wall like Bear and Walker did), this is the view of the Bridge!

Bryce on his way down the zip line.

Kadence made friends with a snake, which made her a very happy girl! She interupted the park ranger's presentation several times to ask if she could pet it again!

Susu is afraid of heights, but still made it down the zip line!

Taylor can strike a pose, even from 50 feet in the air!

Susu can strike a pose too, but she needs solid material under her feet first!

Dad and Meema watch the zip line from below.