Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brothers and Sisters

For anyone who follows these blogs, you will have noticed that my brothers and sisters (and siblings in-law) are presently giving me tremendous amounts of grief for not having posted in several weeks. It appears that they have agreed to make me "pay" while in Mackinaw (see Susu's poll). While I myself, voted for the option of recognizing that I am a very busy full time employed mother, the true answer is that "I am a slacker!" Thank you everyone for NOT voting for that one! On a similar note, I recently decided that I was interested in the TV show "Brothers and Sisters." I rented season 1 and enjoyed every moment of it. While I can't say that I think that our father may have had a 20+ year affair or embezzeled from the family company, I definately enjoy Sally Field's portrayal of the mother, and the 5 siblings who can't keep a secret for anything! Plus, it doesn't hurt that they are ALWAYS drinking a glass of wine. For those of you from the Tait or Hook clans, this is definately a show worth watching when you come from a family of 4+ siblings!
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