Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walker has a Blog!

Walker has done it ("I've done it" is almost a direct quote from John Nelson as a 10 year old, dressed up as an evil overweight scientist, with Kory Priest as handbag packing doudy woman, in a video tape that the two of them made just prior to ruining Cathy Priest's purse. Yes, I just watched this video last week and as soon as I can get a digital recording, it's going online to the world!)! Anyway...back to Walker. He has decided to share his wisdom and thoughts with the world through his own blog. Please make sure to visit and join as one of his followers (no, it is not a cult). The site is Suria, does this count as a posting and save me from any future troubles???

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quick Trip to Muskegon!

So today was the annual winter family get together in Muskegon. John and I both decided to go, and I think it may have been Kevin's first trip there is 10 years. We had a good time, especially when we were playing with the Nelson kiddos!

Bear sported the greatest hairdo!

Just try keeping Juneau out of my arms.

Willow had her regular wrestling match with Uncle Kevin!

Aunt Lynn. I just got on Taylor's case for not taking any pictures of Meema (who looked great by the way and grunted at me when I offered to help her walk up the stairs at the church). Hopefully Danielle got some pictures of her!
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These three boys spent a lot of time looking just like this! (Walker's new Nintendo DS with the game he got from Grandma Chris and Grandpa Burt)

Willow and Ann

I LOVE cuddling with this baby!

And this one too!
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snow & Hot Tubs!

This is what you should always do right before you soak in a hot tub!

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