Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thank You Kara!

Yesterday, I received my prize for being the closest to guessing Jude Taits birthweight. As you can see from the bottom picture, I had to stop and take a picture of the card and package before even opening it because it looked so great! Kara made several great pair of earings and even included a pair for Taylor. True to form, before Taylor even knew that a pair was for her, she walked by, picked up both pair and asked, "Hey, can I have one of these?" Thank you Kara, we LOVE them (and wish that we were as talented as you)!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My New Pub Table and Stools

So, our first piece of furniture in the newly painted living room is this pub table and stools that Kevin just finished. They are amazing and this was his first attempt at a table. You can see however that the table is quite tall (especially for me and Walker). Goliath could come visit and have a place to rest his bum! It will definately change the size of the pictures that I hang in the room! Notice that Walker is using the seats as an elbow rest, and they are resting at a slight incline. The table is head height for him. The tabletop comes to my shoulders. When I tried to get in the chair, I ended up backwards, straddling the chair. It was quite funny! At any rate, he will be lowering his next model, but we will fondly use this one (Walker loves resting at this height and viewing the world as a tall person). Next week he starts on a dining room table and chairs.

Our Scary Fortunes!

We ate at China Garden after church today. It's pretty rare that I read the fortune in my fortune cookie, because all I truely care about is the cookie itself. For some strange reason, I decided to read my fortune today. After looking at the weird look on my face, Kevin passed his fortune over to me to read as well. Here's what we read...

Cheryl - Your luck has been completely changes today.
Kevin - You are the mast of everything situation.

I have to admit, I was almost afraid to eat the cookie!