Saturday, December 26, 2009

Painted Nails

Shortly after arriving to our house, Willow asked if she could "climb up high" (meaning go upstairs). She disappeared for awhile and came back as proud as could be to show us what she did "All by Herself!" She found CC's new nailpolish! After we ran upstairs to check out the damage, we were pretty impressed to find only a few spots on the table. The nailpolish was upright and the top was screwed back on!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

I'm not doing much. Since I left the Christmas tree in the game room up all year, we decided that the game room tree would be our official Christmas tree. I only decorated 3 other things, this mirror, the mantel, and the kitchen bay window. Before I hung this "JOY" piece, I washed the mirror, where there had been a perfect small handprint from Amya's visit. Taylor noticed right away that Amya's handprint was gone and she was sad.

We haven't set Kevin's village up for several years (since he took down our rail that overlooked the kitchen from upstairs. This year, I set up the village in the bay window behind the kitchen sink.

Oh, I guess that Kevin also hung some lights up outside.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Washington DC

I just got back from Washington DC and the NAEYC Conference! Below, you will find one of my new favorite quotes.
I had to visit Julia Child's kitchen in the Smithsonian, for Taylor.

The Smithsonian Castle

The Washington Monument

I think that this one might be the Korean War Memorial, but I can't remember!

From inside the Lincoln Memorial. I went with Margaret, Jackie, and Stephanie.

The Washington Monument in the background as we walked along the Vietnam Memorial.

North side of the White House

Random Tree!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Girls in Muskegon

Last night, the girls provided hours of entertainment to various residents of Muskegon. I've always wanted to see them really play together, and they finally did! More fun pictures to come!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Final Cross Country Meet

Today, Taylor ran her last meet of the year in rain and wind at the Gratiot Country Club. The flu (and you know which one I mean) has hit Shepherd and every other school in the area, so the kids are in the middle of a mini vacation. Mt. Pleasant schools closed from Wed through Friday, but Shepherd held out for two days longer. They are closed Friday through Tuesday. They still had their meet today, but there were only 15 runners from the middle school, on a team that normally has 37. The coach warned them to just run for fun since they wouldn't have a chance of winning. Little did he know that most other schools would have the same problem. Only a small portion of the schools that signed up for the meet arrived. In the end, the Shepherd girls took 1st place and got a plaque for it, and each runner earned a medal. This was great for the girls that usually don't get medals! Sorry for the sideways pics, but I couldn't get them to switch on my computer, and once I tried to edit them, I couldn't delete individual pictures. Anyway, look closely at the mud on the back of Tay's legs. This is from all of the mud bogs that she ran through. It dried on her legs and this is what they still looked like after she got home.

Crossing the 2 mile finish line at 14:29.

Some of my favorite cross country quotes as seen on the backs of shirts from other teams:
"Our sport is your sport's punishment."
"Cross country. Finally, a good use of golf courses!"
"If running was easy, they'd call it football!"