Saturday, November 28, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

I'm not doing much. Since I left the Christmas tree in the game room up all year, we decided that the game room tree would be our official Christmas tree. I only decorated 3 other things, this mirror, the mantel, and the kitchen bay window. Before I hung this "JOY" piece, I washed the mirror, where there had been a perfect small handprint from Amya's visit. Taylor noticed right away that Amya's handprint was gone and she was sad.

We haven't set Kevin's village up for several years (since he took down our rail that overlooked the kitchen from upstairs. This year, I set up the village in the bay window behind the kitchen sink.

Oh, I guess that Kevin also hung some lights up outside.


Carol and Dan said...

That looks great! What did you use on the mantal? Is it candles or lights?........c.

Susu said...

Looks good! We are not doing a Christmas tree because I am sure Charlie would destroy it in a matter of minutes. Kadence and I decorated the silk ficus tree in the living room since the branches are up high!

Pretty Peapod said...

Oh man, I have to get on top of the whole decorating thing. Your place is lookin' good!!!! See you in a couple days!!!

carol said...

looks festive