Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I went to Walmart the other day to buy some Hairspray. It was the kind they use at my salon (Big Sexy Hair), so it cost $17.00. Unfortunately I made the mistake of bringing Taylor with me. She decided that she also needed hairspray and she would not even consider the $1.99 Aqua Net that I had to use in High School. As a compromise, she found the "Bed Head" version for about $ 13.00. Can you imagine Kevin seeing a receipt that has both a $ 17.00 AND $ 13.00 bottle of hairspray on it????

In the end, I also compromised and bought two bottles of the $13.00 Bed Head Hairspray instead of my original choice. I did however have to check out twice so that Kevin would not see a receipt with both bottles on it. When he did see the receipt, you should have heard him freak when he saw $13.00 for hairspray. I tried to pretend that that total was for both bottles and that did not even come close to satisfying him. Can you imagine what he would say if he knew that I bought 2 bottles for $13.00 each!!!????


TAITx3 said...

I love it.
BTW, you can find usually both brands of hairspray at your local TJmaxx or Marshalls.I always see those two brands there and they go for about $7 each.
p.s. nice to see you blogging again. ~Kara

Chris Ann said...

Lets see Kevin Priest a first child, Cheryl Nelson another first child,Taylor Priest yes a first child do I see a pattern here hummControl problem Who is in charge?Dad didn't even notice my $87 Aveda shampoo and cream rinse purchase last month LOL By the way you and Taylor look great and It is worth every penny!

Derick said...


(1) You're lucky he's not that "tech-savy" to where he could get on to read your blog. ;)

(2) You don't need hair spray to make your hair any larger - your head is big enough (our lil' inside joke)! ;)


Carol and Dan said...

So, I guess Kevin and Dad don't look at blogs??...........c.

Susu said...

Imagine Kevin's fury when he finally learns to read and sees this blog entry! This story is almost as priceless as when in Gatlinburg Kevin saw the commercial about earning $10 of Kohl's cash for every $50 you spend. You could see him doing the math in his head before he ripped into you for your black Friday shopping! I loved your rebuttle on that one, "But Kevin I saved more than I spent!"-priceless:)