Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Taylor

Today is Dailey's birthday party, but Taylor has informed me that she was grossly neglected in the blogs on her birthday (the 16th). Everyone says Happy Birthday in the blogs, right? Since the Left Handed Righties had a broken computer and the Connecticut Shaws were in the hospital birthing a baby, those of us left are taking the heat for this neglect (The Coconut Telegraph, Double Nesters, and yours truly). If that's you, you better starting thinking about how you're (we're) going to make it up to her...


TAITx3 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!! Hope you had a grand day. I think as punished you should make your mom post every day for the next week 10 reasons why you're so awesome. So you will have a list of 70 things that make you a great girl. ~Kara

Carol and Dan said...

I second that idea!!!
Happy birthday, Taylor. I will take some heat, too. I could have posted a "belated birthday" like I usually do (and will tomorrow for Judy's....maybe yours, too!)
Anyway, we love you! Hope you got the present! ........c.