Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tay's First Cross Meet in High School!

Tay had her first cross country meet of the season last Tuesday. Her knee hurts right now, so her coach told her to only run a partial race and drop out. Since it was in the middle of the 2nd day of CMU classes, and she wasn't planning on finishing the race, I didn't go to the meet. Bad decision...She DID finish the race, she ran the 3.1 mile course in 24:09, she came in 7th on her team of 30+ high school girls (which would qualify her for the varsity team if it was a normal meet vs. pre-season), and finished at 36 out of 103, earning her a medal. Her FIRST high school race, and I didn't go! 50 lashes for me! Here are some links that go to the school photographer's website.
It was the Chip Hills Invitational and you can see a photo of Taylor on page 3 and page 4. Also, if you find the photo of the start of the race (with all the girls running in a group), look in the center of the photo at the legs. Taylor has a black band around her knee. Just follow her leg upwards to see her!


Carol and Dan said...

Way to go, Taylor!!!
(It was running up Spring St. by our house, wasn't it?)

Taylor said...

thanks =) and no it wasnt running at your house =p....though that prob. didnt help lol